How can i save all my e-mail after wipe

Hi, i need to rebuild my machine and i was wondering if any 1 knew how i could keep all my e-mails. Is it possible to just copy the Outlook Express folder to my d: drive or are the e-mails stored somewhere else.

Can any 1 help me on this matter.

Thanx in advance.

Well, iäve heard of one way;

Find a folder named ‘Application Data’ in the Windows folder and just copy that.

Thanx 4 the info Alchantra, I checked out Outlook Express and looked where it stored it’s files and i ended up copying all the files from Application Files to my other partition just as a guest.

I appreciate ur help on this matter.

You must find all *.dbx files on your HD cause these files are the different folders in Outlook Express!!
If you save them, and also write down where you got them from, then reïnstall the whole thing, and putt back the dbx files to the same dir and make sure there NOT read-only!!
And voila… everything is back!! :wink: