How can i rip mp3 tracklists to wordpad

is it possible to copy all the track titles from all the albums on an mp3 disc to say a word pad document so i can print it out without having to do each track one at a time, i.e put the already burnt disc in drive and run a prog ( can nero ?) that would do them all for me, I have a portable mp3 player for the kitchen and want to burn around a 100 disc’s for a folder but with some A4 with the albums and tracks printed on them - any help if any would be great, cant seem to find what i need elsewhere

WinAmp allows to save tracklist to HTML…


You can also try software like directory lister which will scan all the files on any media and save them a file or printout.

Good luck

many thanks to you both for your help - will give both a try , great that people replied so quickly here, anymore suggestions are more than welcomed as well

I couldnt find the save as html in my winamp but found the shortcut to it by pressing (control - alt - g) so cheers for that way to solve my prob…not yet had time to find a hopefully free version of Directory Lister yet but gonna give it a try…thanks all

Karen’s Power Tools has a free directory lister. I’ve used it before and it’s pretty usable.