How can I restore the CMOS settings on an older computer?

I have a 1998-99 (a guess) era computer (mobo MS 6117 version 1.1 LX6) that I’m trying to put back together and get working. This computer was given to me (I have no documentation). The mobo does have 2 USB ports so that may help determine the age of the computer…just a thought.

Here’s a concern of mine if I can get the mobo and everthing else hooked up correclty (the mobo was only partially attached to the case when I go it)…The CMOS battery is gone!! This means the CMOS settings have not been saved.

And that means the computer is not going to know how to configure the computer if and when I get it put back together.

As a result, it’s not going to be able to boot the computer until the “settings” are restored.

Any good advice for me (other than saying dump it)?

What can I do? I’d really like to get this thing going again.

Use the CMOS reset jumper on the board to reset to factory specs.

wobble, how would I know how to set the jumper to factory specs if I have no documentation?

And what does the CMOS reset jumper on the mobo look like?

I think you can download the manual for your motherboard here.

If you take the battery out from your maotherboard and wait for 15 minutes that would drain the CMOS and revert it back to factory set default then reinstall the battery you should have CMOS with default setting.

Thanks TCAS

Since the CMOS battery has been out of the mobo ever since I got it (about a year ago)…it should be at default when I replace the battery.

Wobble…I found that jumper…but it appears I don’t need it if what TCAS says is right…all agree?

I’m sure TCAS is right!


Your solution is correct also in fact shortening those jumpers drain the battery faster and instantaneous.

Thanks guys…I’m sure I’ll be posting more questions/concerns about this mobo as I get into putting it together.

I hope you’re still available to help…because I’ll sure need it.