How can I repair a corrupt iso file?

Its software (not movie), is it possible to atleast save some parts of it, its taking up a bit of space from my hard drive and I really want to get rid of it and put it on a friggin dvd or something (its 1.7 gb claiming to be dvd iso)

Try to see if u can open it with WinISO or WinRAR :confused:

Just re-rip the movie again from the dvd. Problem solved.

It’s software :wink:

Anyhow… try to mount the ISO file with a virtual drive program like Deamon tools or Nero/Alchohol virtual drive. Or, try a program like WinISO or UltraISO to extract the data that can be saved.

/me bows head in shame for not reading it properly. :o

Happens to every one from time to time even to Mods