How can I remove one soundtrack?

I downloaded a movie which has 2 soundtracks: english & russian. When I try to play the movie, the 2 soundtracks play simulateoulsy! I want to play the movie on my computer but it was downloaded into several .VOB files. How can I make one file for the movie and remove the russian soundtrack?

Hopefully a legal download, else we can’t help you.

Open the dvd files with DVDShrink. See if there are two audio streams listed over on the right. Uncheck the box for the Russian audio then use Backup to save the dvd without compression to a new folder. You should only have the one audio stream on the new copy.

This is the first and easiest method to try.

That was successful. I still have several copies of the .VOB files for the one movie. If I play it in the computer, when I reach the end of the first .VOB I have to then click on the 2nd .VOB etc to play the entire movie. How do I make one lone, single-file copy of the movie now?

What are you trying to play them with? I use PowerDVD 7 and to use it you hit Open files on Hard drive, then click on the folder that contains the Video_TS folder.

VLC is a free program to play dvds. With it you hit Open Directory, then click either on the folder that contains the Video_TS folder, or on the Video_TS folder itself.

The output from Shrink is compliant to dvd specs, so either of these methods should provide seamless playback.

Thanks. I haven’t played it all the way through yet so I’ll see if there’s any breaks. If I have an .avi file with a foreign soundtrack and want the original english soundtrack, do I use a different program instead of DVD Shrink? I tried to do the same thing as before but DVD Shrink gave an error message: “invalid filename”. I tried it with several .avi files and got the sme response.

DVDShrink is designed to work only with dvd files. To edit an avi file, use VirtualDub.
You might want to look through some guides for using Vdub…there are quite a few different ones. Start over at