How can i remove audio from an xvid

hi, i have a xvid that is playing out of sync, the video is playing exactly 9600ms before the audio, i have opened it in virtuadub and extracted the audio and saved it as wav, i have then removed the 9600ms of silence from the beginning and saved this as mp3, so far so good. the problem i am having is that i cant suss out how to remove the audio from the original xvid and replace it with the one i have cut the 9600ms from, can virtualdub do this or do i need another program, ive searched the forum and googled this but cant quite find what im looking for so if ive missed something i do appologise. i am also new to all this video editing stuff and its all getting a little confusing lol.

i forgot to post the xvid properties if it will help:-

bit rate: 101kbps
audio format: mpeg layer 3
frame rate: 29 frames per secomd
data rate: 110kbps
video sample rate: 12bit

hope this helps.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You can use again virtualdub saving only video withoud audio. Select “no audio” from audio menu and select “direct stream copy” from video menu to avoid re-encode of the video stream.

cheers, ive got it to play without the audio, how do i layer the edited mp3 back over it. :confused:

You’re on the right path. I’ve never done what you’re doing but hopefully i can hellp point you in the right direction. What you have to do is demux the clip into a separate audio and video streams. You may be able to do this virtualdub, if not try Avidemux. After you’ve demuxed the video and audio, you edit the audio then re-combine them back together hopefully keeping the audio in sync.