How can I recover Acronis image *.tib from an Iso image

G’day all.
Is it possible to recover a .tib Acronis inage saved on DVD as Iso image. I have tryed Nero and ImgBurn without any success. I canot remember what program I used to produce the Iso file, but this is the name and extension: “abc.iso”.
Any help will be appreciated.

will winiso not extract the iso to give you your .tib ?

you’ve probably tried that already

You could also try Winrar if I remember it can extract ISO’s

… Or the free 7-Zip.


Thank you all for the replies. I shall try those. I"ll let you know.

I tryed Winrar and UltraIso. Both extracted a .tib file 1.49 GB only. the original image file was over 10 GB. When I tryed to open it with Acronis I had an error message: corrupted archive.
Thank you all for helping.

Does it show 10 gig when you open it up in Winrar?

It extracts without error I assume. Very odd.

DO NOT save an image file as ISO when working with *.TIB! If the image file was 10GB, then how do you manage to fit that image file on a DVD?

The data is probably toast. TI is horrible with DVD data backup. Go to the Terabyteunlimited website and download Bootit NG. It combines a drive imaging, non-destructive partitioning, and boot-loading in one tiny program (fits in a floppy). The software is fully functional for 30 days. $35 to purchase.


Why not open it as a Acronis virtual drive - pluck off what you want - and close the drive-eh?

G’day cobbers
Sorry it took me so long to get back to your replies.

I think, as furballi said, the data was lost when trying to fit 10 Gigs in a DVD. I have re installed, updated, tweaked, and configured most of what I need. The system is now much leaner.

Thanks Bigmike. I usually do that and it works well. not this time however.

You can close this thread now. Thanks to all.