How can I recover a lost session?

Hi! This is the story:
Someone wrote me some data on a cd (about 60MB) by starting a multisession and disc, and didnt finalized it, so that the cd remained “opened”. He gave me the cd and I could read the data on it. Everything was ok.
One week after, I had the bad inspiration to continue that disc, by writting some other data on it. (it is a CD_R, not RW). After doing that, I could no longer access the data put there in the first place (the first session). Now, all I can find on the cd is the data I wrote.
The data I can access have 620MB, but the cd sais it’s 680MB written space.

Is there a way so I can somehow blind (raw) copy the data on HDD or somewhere so that I could access the date written by the other person? Somenthing like a dumping (data-dump).
I have tried data recovery software, but they suppose I have some data to recover. And I can not access it.

The data I’ve lost is qiute important :doh: and there is no chance I can find it somewhere else :sad: . So I would be verry happy if there is anyone who has a clue about how could I access that data. :bow:

Mentions: the cd has no scratch.

Maybe Isobuster can help you out.

Ah, been there done that. I lost some pictures doing the same thing. Here’s the solution:

You’ll need a copy of Nero Burning rom.

Insert your CD and open Nero.
Cancel the New Compilation.
Then click on the “Extras” menu and select “Save Tracks”.
Once open, you will see the various sessions on the disc. Select the previous session and then a “Path” for the output file.
Then click “Go”.

After it’s complete, you will have a file containing the session.
You can use Nero “Image Drive” to load the image into an emulated Drive or any Image software.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the post, I’ll print it out and keep it safe. It’s an easy solution to a common problem.
(mind you everything I put somewhere safe seems to get lost until I remember where it is). LOL :bigsmile:

Save the info to a CD and close the session. :bigsmile: