How Can I Record Voice Chats

How can I record voice chats or the audio from vid chats in Yahoo Messenger or Trillian?

The sound card is in use to enable the chat.

Therefore, it isn’t available to use to record the chat.

Do I need to install a second soundcard?

If so, how would the software for each one, distinguish between which soundcard it is to be used?


hm, what sound card do you have?

i know that a creative labs sound blaster audigy has the ability to record “what you hear” - so if you’d enable the mic-out you could record your voice and that of the partner your talking with…

but, of course, your soundcard has to have the ability of full-duplex’ing… :wink:

I have a SoundBlaster Live! Platinum.
Platinum means that it came with a 5.25" bay breakout box.

I’ve tried to used “what you hear” for other things.
If I try to use it to record voice chats, it tells me that the soundcard is already in use.

If I launch the recorder before going into voice chat, the soundcared is already in use with the recorder. So, it isn’t available for voice chat and the voice feature of the chat window is not present.

ok, sounds for me as if it wouldn’t be possible without a 2nd sound card or something to record it… such as a good old tape-recorder… :wink: :bigsmile:

why not use something like XP Plus! Digital Media Edition’s Anouloge Recorder and then record from the wave out or something, or you couls use nero SoundTrax.

  • ben :slight_smile:

ps. i think it is illegal to record conversations with people without telling them first. :cop:

If you’re in 2-way chat, the channel that would be needed for recording is already in use for the microphone.

You could intercept the speaker output with “Highcriteria Total Recorder”, as that actually grabs the DATA directly.

Maybe I could use the line out from the back of the sound card to connect to my stereo.

Anyone I record is notified that I’m recording them.