How can I record a Phone Call

Its not really a noob question, but It doesnt fit anywhere else.

I need to record a phone call. I will not have time to buy any equipment for this( except for something from radio shack possibly, I need to know if its possible using my computer and phone line.
I was thinking it might be possible to:

stick phone line into my computer modem, stick phone into other port in my modem. Make call and record some how?

Also I have a crappy onboard sound card, but it does have a line in, im pretty sure. Anyway I can directy record from the phone to that? Can i stick stick a wire in my headset port, and then put that wire into the line in on my pc?

Anyone have any ideas about this?

Is there anything in windows that would let me do this? The line in thing in the sound mixer, or does the dialer do this?

If not, is there something I could buy from Radio shack that would let me do this.

Also i have a mp3 player that can record from line in if that helps.

Perhaps this site is what you are looking for:

Be advised that it is against the law to record a phone call without notifying the party you’re recording that it is taking place. Pretty stiff penalties too.

heh, dont worry im recording a inteview between me and my grandma. I will check out modem spy,

It is not always against the law only in some states. Some states say only one party on the conversation has to aware of the recording.

I’m not the least bit worried. Just letting you know in case you had other ideas. You know what they say about jail, enter a tight end, leave a wide receiver.

“Welcome to the new millenium - it’s gonna be a long one.” /.

ROTFLMFAO :bigsmile:

That makes sense…I think.

I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous…

speaker phone and tape recorder :wink: