How can I read CDinfo from insertet CD/DVD

How can I read CDinfo information from inserted CD (Publisher,copyright…), and how to read info about media manufacturer and type of and recording layer.
I use VB6 with Nero SDK 1.05.+ nero 6.6…

You can’t. Currently, there is no way to do this (question presumably related to NeroCOM).

But I can set this informations in code,

[B] isotrack.Name = Mid$(Source_Dir, InStrRev(Source_Dir, “”) + 1)
isotrack.VolumeSet = Mid$(Source_Dir, InStrRev(Source_Dir, “”) + 1)
isotrack.Copyright = “2004® My " & Chr(34) & “Company” & Chr(34) & " AD”
isotrack.DataPreparer = g_vstrUserName & " PC:" & g_vstrPCName
isotrack.Application = “My Aplication”
isotrack.Publisher = “2004® My " & Chr(34) & “Company” & Chr(34) & " AD”

and read them after recording with Nero InfoTool

Is ther realy no way to read them from vb?

At the moment, you can only set this info. A future SDK will probably allow reading as well.

alexp, thank you again :wink: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: