How can i read a damaged dvd disc?

Hi all

A friend of mine hired a dvd and the clerk at the video store put a sticker on the top and underside of the disc around the centre ring. The sticker on the underside of the disc wasn’t on properly and making weird sounds from the dvd player so my friend peeled the sticker off and tried to remove the sticky residue left behind. I dont know what was used to try clean the glue off the disc, but now the centre ring with the barcode and title of the dvd looks like it has been sanded with sandpaper and the disc wont play. so my question is how can i get this disc to play, He told me he took the disc to some place to try and repair it but they said they cant fix that section of the disc. Is there something I can use to try and get this disc to work for him? When he took the disc back to the store he had to buy the dvd because he was the first one to hire it. also because of what he did to it he can’t watch the movie.

any help would be appreciated:)

ok i’ve tried a few more things and still no go. what could I use that wouldn’t damage the disc?(too much) I just need to be able to get my pc to recognise the disc.

have you tried bad copy pro

it will let you read the disc in a raw mode,it might help

the you can extract what you need of the disc

the problem is the toc is damaged from his attempts to clean the glue off, So the dvd rom wont accept it. Is there anything that can clean a dvd without destroying it?

Next time use Metho to clean the glue off and not nail polish remover.

The only way you can get it to be read is to have the surface polished. There are some platic polishes available in the Automotive trade, maybe worth checking them out

yeah i think thats what he used. i’ll try the metho, the worst part is he said that when he called me to see if i could make a back up and to bring the disc over, he said it worked in his laptop but then he tried to clean it one more time before he brought it to me :confused: and stuffed it.