How can I put 2 discs(The Ten Commandments)on to ONE Dual Layer Verbatim Blank?

I have 2 identical DVD burners/players that allow me to make my backup DVD’s on the fly and NOT have to download my movies to my HD then rip them.I have AnyDVD,AnyCD,and Clone DVD2.I use Sonic to make my Exact copy of my DVD with their “Exact Copy” feature.I am able to burn an exact copy of a 2 hour movie in about 15-20 min.It is AMAZING with AnyDVD.Never fails!My main question is,“The Ten Commandments” is on 2 discs(the Movie is split as are the features) the movie alone is 220 min and my Dual layer Verbatim blanks can handle 240 min.I want to burn the movie to ONE Verbatim.How can I do that?Thanks.

I also am curious.I get very fast copy times(about 15-20min total,since I don’t have to DL to my HD) with a reg 4.7 single layer for my movies that are 2 hours,and for my dual layer movies with special features etc,that are over 2 hours,I get an exact copy in about 35min or so.I have for speed on AnyDVD set to Drive default and am getting these times.Should I set it to fast and sloppy?Will tha tmake my times even faster?Or should I just keep it as I have it?Thanks! :slight_smile:

It is very easy in addition you will need dvdshrink a free program
you can get it here

will take a few steps
this is for movie only, you can modify it to add more features
load both dvd players with a a disk (if you dont have 2 players you would have to rip disk 1 to hard drive)

  1. start up anydvd then startup dvdshrink, goto dvdshrink left upper corner edit/preferences and in first main preferences tab change dvd-5 to dvd-9 and the last tab file I/O untick nero burn

  2. use the reauthor button and browse to disk 1 and double click the main movie, this will analyse and add the main movie to the left pane

  3. use the back button ie the folder icon with the green up arrow on it towards the right border and return to the main re-author window

  4. browse to disk 2 and doubleclick/analyse the main title adding it to the left window

  5. now you have 2 main movies in the left window, goto compression tab in right window and see how much compression is required, making sure that in the left window the dvd icon is clicked/highlighted ie the individual tiles in left window should not be highlighted

  6. if your compression is 100% (automatic showing) then you are ready to rip to hdd, if it says something less than 100%, then click on the first title in left window and in the right window untick secondary soundtracks and subtitles you don’t need; repeat for second title

  7. after you have removed as much material as you can to approach 100% hit the back-up button and the 2 tiltes will be ripped to hard drive combined into 1 continuous movie

  8. after rip is done you can use clonedvd2 to burn to disk
    use option 2 ie clone dvd ie the button above WRITE EXISTING DATA
    make sure to change dvd-5 to dvd-9
    (I prefer dvdfab platinum only for burning to DL because it does not reanalyse the movie, or you could use any other DL burner you prefer)

I haven’t tried this but it should work: You’ll need DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter. Go to You can download both programs there. Look for the guide named “Flipper DVDs”. Follow the instructions in the guide but substitute the two discs you have for the 2-sided “flipper” DVD. Also edit in “Preferences” in DVD Shrink set “Target DVD Size” for “DVD-9 (8.5GB)”.

Interesting. Maybe try that someday.

Just tried it myself and it worked! One more tip: When you press Backup under “Quality Settings” be sure to untick “Deep Analysis” and “Compress Video” otherwise you’ll be doing alot of extra compressuon you don’t need.

You used Decrypter or Image Burn for burning and layer break was good to go?

I was able to take the movie “Das Boot” a 3 1/2 hr. two disc movie and compress it to a 4.7 DVD with DVDShrink with AnyDVD running in the background. Good play back results.

Is the process the same for a movie that is on both sides of the same disc? I have an older version of “Sleepers”, 3/4 through the movie you have to flip the disc over to watch the rest. Would backing it up on just one disc be the same?

Thanks for the suggestions,but I DON’T want to COMPRESS anything,and lose any quality.I should not have to,as I have DUAL LAYER Media.Isn’t there a way I can just click and drag what I want from EACH DVD and Make an exact copy?Any other ideas?Thanks.

You may not have to compress it at all. Why not try it first to see ??

you are just amazing

thanks for the advice to the newbie
makes me wonder why i wasted my time
just amazing

if the movie you are trying to clone is on 2 DVD-9 discs, you likely wont be able to fit them on a single DVD-9

you also mentioned 240 minutes… this is akin to saying an mp3 player can hold 1,000 songs - its an average that can change depending on the compression of the media

so if the “ten commandments” takes up 11 Gig combined, you WILL need to recompress to fit on your 8.5 Gig dual layer disc

I just got the perfect idea for
record your whole movie on BD® :wink:

I used this method, however, am I correct in thinking that there is no way to keep the menus on both sides of a double sided disc (Goodfellas) when using DVDShrink? Is there a program that can convert both sides of a double sided disc to one dual layer dvd without any loss in content or quality?

nope… you could rip the movie and the features and recreate it but if you think about it the menus on each disc are going to point to files (VTS_01_0.VOB, VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB ect) that are present on both discs so it would not in any way be simple to combine the 2.