How can I protect a audio cd?



Can somebody please tell me how I can protect an audiocd against copiing?? is there a way to do this? and if so: please tell me!

                      Here's an example to copy-protect a Data CD by adding a dummy Data track so that the backup disc will have 2 Data tracks
                      (which is in fact an Illegal Table of Contents). 

                      Example using Crash Bandicoot 3 [PAL] (PSX): 

                           Get CDRWin 3.6b (or higher) and create an image of the CD (1 Mode2 data track).
                           The CUE-file should look something like this: 
                             FILE "C:\TEMP\CRASH3.BIN" BINARY
                             TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
                             INDEX 01 00[img][/img]0[img][/img]0

                           Go to CDRWin -> Record Disc -> Load Cuesheet and read the Total Disc Time (should be 32[img][/img]6[img][/img]2). 
                           Now add another (dummy) data track at the end of the cue file by using notepad and set it to the Total Disc Time minus
                           2 seconds(!). 
                             FILE "C:\TEMP\CRASH3.BIN" BINARY
                             TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
                             INDEX 01 00[img][/img]0[img][/img]0
                             TRACK 02 MODE2/2352
                             INDEX 01 32[img][/img]4[img][/img]2 <--  Total Disc Time (32[img][/img]6[img][/img]2) minus 2 seconds

                           Look at CDRWin -> Record Disc -> Disc Layout... and you will see the added track starts at 32[img][/img]6[img][/img]2 (not 32[img][/img]4[img][/img]2).
                           The time is equal to the Lead
                           Out starttime, so it should not come in range of the data track. 
                           Now record disc with CDRWin and you will get a CD with 2 data tracks. 

                      The Crash Bandicoot 3 game runs fine on a Playstation.

                      Nero Burning Rom is the only program that can make a copy of this CD using the CD-Recorder as CD-Reader. It can't be copied
                      on a CD-ROM reader (at least not on a Plextor PX-20TS)!

                      This trick should also works with Mixed Mode and Audio CD's.

                      To create an Mixed-Mode CD with an Illegal TOC subtract 4 seconds from the total time instead of the 2 seconds (just subtract
                      seconds until CDRWin accepts the CUE-Sheet). Keep in mind that in CDRWin the total time of the new track should be at least
                      the lead-out time.


aha… i’m kind of a newbie to burning, and i partly understand it, but if i get such a cd, and i convert all tracks on the cd to mp3 first, after that i will burn the mp3’s on the cd as audio-tracks.
this will override the protection? don’t it?


oke This will bypass the protection but when you do this with full games…
then it will not work because then there is allways missing data that is on the cd and not on the hard disk…


why protect it? every burner who knows a bit of it can get past protections, some are harder then others but none is perfect, and why protect it? we ppl do all the hard work to get past protections and schemes and you want to start creating them yourself ???


you got a point there! for sure!


Please don’t protect CDR’s… as a burner you are against copy protections I guess…
At least I am and in my opinion copy prot’s should be forbidden and each family should have at least one writer :-)).

Plexxxxxxxtor rulezzzzzzzzz


How to create your own copy-protected CD?