How can I prevent a virus in my portable drive from entering my PC?

Hi guys thnks for answering my previous question. Actually I hav a pendrive and hav some backup of data of my pc which crashed due to a virus. now i hav a clean install of win XP pro sp2. I want to use data from the pendrive but i doubt that it is also infected by the virus now.I want a software that freezes the virus in the drive and lets u use the data. one of my frnds said there is a software named deepfreeze. is it true and if it is from where can i download it.
One more request- If u are suggesting a software plz also provide the link.
Thanks Guys.


malware on removable media is using the Autorun/Autoplay feature.
Make sure you have latest ServicePacks and Windows Updates installed (SP2 is not enough!), then disable Autorun for all drives using gpedit.msc (XP Pro only).

And do not work with an account that has administrative permissions.