How can I power this unit (SB-S084 no C) from a hub?

This external DVD writer uses two USB slots from my laptop for power and data transfer. That leaves me with no slots left for other uses. I am guessing this is a power issue as too many devices powered from a usb port might drop voltage. I have an externally powered hub. Would this bypass my problem?
Philip Hosmer

Hi and Welcome!

a slim DVD writer requires 1.5A@5V. An USB port is specified for 500mA@5V, so there is a 300% overload of the USB port the drive is connected to. The (spec-incompliant) Y-cable doesn’t help much here.

That said, it is really a good idea to use an USB hub with power supply if there can’t be a power supply attached to the drive directly.


Thanks for the reply. I can look on-line for the 1.5A hub unless you have one to suggest (without doing my research for me, naturally).
Phil :bow:

I don’t have a recommendation. Simply make sure the PSU of the hub has at least 0.5A per port (and at least 2.0A total). Some 4-port hubs come with a 1000mA PSU, which is not enough.


Thanks again. I’ll trace this one down.
Philip Hosmer