How can i play .pme file

Hey, I am having sony handycam DCR TRV140E.

I have converted my video in .pme format by USB streaming in Pixela Image Mixer 1.0. I have reinstalled the pixela imagemixer. But after reinstall it can’t open the saved .pme file. A msg comes like " This file was created by a newer version. Current version can’t open this file. " But I have just save that file before 20 min before.

I have tested that, once pixela is reinstalled it can’t open earlier saved .pme file.

I m using windows XP sp-2.I have tried with newest version of pixela, but no joy.

Pl tell me some .pme converter or give me a solution to open the file in pixela.

I m in great sheet. hundreds of video is just becoming a junk. Last one week I m try to get solution but I couldn’t. pl help me pl pl .

Welcome asif_eagle. I don’t know if this will help, but when I find a video file that won’t open I try VLC Media Player. If VLC can’t open it, maybe GSpot can help by telling you what format the video is in. Try VLC and if it fails, use GSpot and post the results here.