How can I play a CD game w/o a play disc inserted?

I have done a bit of research on these forums, but I don’t understand some basics, & I was hoping someone could point me the direction to go.

GOAL: I want to play several games I legitimately own, without having to insert the play disc, b/c they are going to be in a MAME cabinet, so computer access is very inconvenient.

STEPS TAKEN: I have made a few mini images, (from the guide on this forum) with Alcohol & Daemon Tools, but some of them don’t work & Daemon only supports 4 virtual drives. Can I use ALCOHOL to mount the images?

QUESTIONS: 1) MUST I make a mini image to run a program w/o the disc ?

  I have a lot of HD space, so copying the entire disc to HD, would not be out of the question.

      2) On some discs, there are NO errors encountered when using ALCOHOL & the Image making wizard. The Mini Image guide says I should stop after a few were found. Is this disc unprotected ? Should I do something different in these cases ?

Any help to this newbie is most appreciated.

Pinball Bob