How can I overclock my AMD Processor?

I have an AMD Athlon 2600+ and would like to know what I can do to overclock it.

Try to search here

We need more specs :slight_smile:

What CPU revision, mainboard, memory and PSU do you use?

forget it, they run too hot and don’t overclock well, I leave all mine stock
with custom heat sinks, with stock cooling they burn up fast enough!

As rbrtpl said, it’s not worth the effort.

now the venice core is another story

Not really an accurate statement unless you know more about what this poster has.
It’s generally not hard to get 200 MHz out of a Tbred. Whether that’s “worth it” or not is up to the poster to decide, not us.

As a general rule those cores run too hot, most mobos don’t have a good pci lock,
the replacement cpu prices are going thru the roof and few can do an adequate job of seating the heatsink. Have you priced any socket A cpu’s lately?

Even a mild over clock can give a nice little performance boost. I have been running an athlon xp2500 at aprox the speed of an athlon 3100 for quite some time now without any problems.

As others have said though, more info on the specs of your computer is needed.

I want 65nm Socket A processors for some of my very old motherboards. :slight_smile:

I have:

Socket A MSI Motherboard
400w PSU

What is a CPU Revision?

some of the earlier cpu’s weren’t multiplier locked, made it easier to overclock without
raising the frontsidebus

What MSI board is it (type)?
What memory is it (rated speed, timings)?

Use a program like CPUID/CPU-Z ( to identify your CPU. Let’s hope it’s a Tbred-B.

Barton would be good too.

Suggest reading a lot of stuff on OCing Athlons before starting. Also, since they run hot, an inexpensive copper heat sink is a big help. Thermalright is my personal fav.

2 good places to start reading, both will have several how-to threads and articles. Just remember that you only want to make one adjustment at a time. Start with your RAM and see what it will do. You will need memtest86 for testing the RAM.

I don’t think that I would even try to overclock one with a stock amd heatsink. You can get one on sale startiing at around 10-15$ that will do a lot beter job than an oem one.

just a quick question. I have tried overclocking my cpu many times, yet whenever i do it, it wont boot and i have to reset the CMOS. I have overclocked many other systems with no trouble. I am wondering if anyone knows that the sickness could be?

I have an AMD Athlon 64 3400+ NewCastle Core socket 939
Abit AV8 uGuru (made for overclocking supposedly, with on-the-fly OC capabilities)
2x512MB Corsair TWINX PC3200 XMS overclocking memory

for some reason it wont work? any suggestions would be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

What proceedure are you using to find your overclocks and have you overclocked an athlon 64 before? the proceedure can be a bit diffrent for an athlon 64 compared to an athlon xp. Even if your memory is overclocking memory, I would kick your memory down in speed to determine your cpu overclock. I helped a friend overclock that same motherboard with an athlon 64 3000 (cannot remember the core) not to long ago and he got quite a bit of an overclock without even kicking the cpu voltage up. I dont have an athlon 64 system right in front of me but if memory serves, try kicking your cpu multiplier down one step, your hyper transit multiplier down to 3x, and your memory multiplier down to minimum (probably 100). then start increasing your cpu to see how high it goes. After you find how high the cpu goes you can work on the hyper transit and memory.
I’m no expert here (I’m running athlon xp systems), but I have worked on and overclocked a hand full of athlon 64 systems and it could be if your hyper transit multiplier is set to 5x (I think that is default on this board), you are trying to push your hyperpertransit above 1000 which can often cause problems. Also, overclocking memory doesn’t always overclock that well. Ocationally you get unlucky and if it is good stuff like cosair and wont overclock, exchange it. If you manage the over clock of the cpu, memory, and hyper transit individually and seperatlly, you can find where the problem is.

Fyi it is best to start your own thread rather than asking in someone elses thread. while it is kind of on the same topic, if we get to overclocking athlon 64’s and athlon xp’s on the same thread, it could easilly get confusing for both of you. If you like, start another thread and pm me where it is and I can try to help.
Then again, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to discuss both as it is all amd overclocking as long as people are specific. I’ll leave that up to everyone else.
fyi you can only edit your post for 30 minutes here. Just post another reply.

i will give that a try and edit when i get results.

an essential tool in tweaking those rocket overclocks is everest home edition
the overclock portion shows what’s going on with the balancing of fsb/memdivider/membus/cas levels
memory has a hard time keeping up an amd64/939