How can I open these files



This doesn’t have anything to do with your posting but I have a problem that maybe you can help. Recently bought a building with a Energy Management System which controlled all the heating and cooling. System was installed in 1991 on an old (new at the time) IBM computer, DOS operating system with a 5 1/4 floppy disc. Have since talked to the company that installed it and they said if I could retrieve the data from the floppy, they might be able to port the graphics to a new Windows based system.

Found someone with a old computor and he got the files and emailed them to me. The files are names DISK.ID, EE2.002, EE02.003 etc.

I can’t find a program to open these. Are the .002 and .003 extensions because he saved them to a CD before emailing them to me?

Can anyone help? I am sorry to cut in to this forum but and internet search directed me here.

Thank you.


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Suggest you try opening them with Excel and notepad to see what’s inside. Most likely will be proprietary and have no use without the original program.
If you can find the original program (probable a small .exe file, you could create a bootable disc with that program file on it and try running it. If “” is all you have, try opening that in DOS and see what happens. It may need the other files to be present for it to run correctly.


There must be an 80x86 software emulator around somewhere, that you could perhaps run as a virtual machine on modern hardware.

Then as CDan says, the problem is to find the original .exe program, see if it will run and read the file information - the application would have to access 5.25 disc images (which your friend might be able to help you make from the originals).

Obviously you should be conscious of the effort:benefit ratio…