How Can I move vidoe from PC to DVR?

Hello all. I have a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 DVR that has a USB port on the front. I was wondering is there a way to transfer movies from my PC to play on the DVR using a Thumb Drive?

Thanks in advance. noamcc

My Explorer 8000 does not support that option, check with your cable company.

Thanks for the quick response. I have asked the cable company and they will take up to 4 days to answer my email. What is the USB port for normally? How does one access things plugged into it?

My company simply said “for future use”.

So I heard back from Scientific Atlanta who says that it is not possible. But there must be some way to hack the USB input on the box. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

Means kinda nothing, I know many devices with dead and unused ports of any kind.