How can I merge/join files with convertxtodvd

Hello everyone

I have the convertxtodvd software and really do like it a lot. Can anyone tell me how to merge/join files using convertxtodvd. I know it states in the product description that it can merge up to 4 hours but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it.
Obliged for any input given.

If you’re talking abouty AVI files then VirtualDub will (generally) join them fine. Just remember to set the video compression to Direct Stream Copy before resaving.

Thanks TimC for the input. I actually am referring to all media files including wmv, avi and mpeg. It says that it can be done but not the how.

ianmerc: That product description means that you can easily convert many files, even different formats to same DVD, up to 4 hours with good/decent quality.

All you need to do is to add all those files to ConvertXtoDVD and hit convert!

I understand how it works as I have converted a number of files already. However I still need to merge/join a number of files. It sounds like you are saying that it can not be done with convertxtodvd. I have tried a program called easyjoin which does quite well but struggles occasionally. I was really hoping that convertxtodvd could do the same thing.

ianmerc: if you mean joining files before converting - then no, ConvertXtoDVD is not doing it yet. It has been talked about and it might come to future versions.
Easyjoin and other similar programs have caused problems, mainly because they don’t seem to correctly fix timestamps. This produces audio off-sync and other errors.


You have exactly the same problem as I did when I tried the prog. thank god I didnt buy it! It wont merge/join titles. See my answer in the thread next to this one called “chapter problems please help!” This prog wont do what we thought it advertised! Sorry folks we need to look for another prog that will merge/join and keep the orig sound track all within (1) title.

Sorry folks we need to look for another prog that will merge/join and keep the orig sound track all within (1) title.

There is a program that does all this, even more.
It also has good menu capabilities and offers much more options to tune your finished video. Conversion is done quite fast, about realtime.
Only drawback is that it costs roughly 200times as much as ConvertXtoDVD.

Oh well what a shame as ConvertXtoDVD wont do what we want it to do! :a
Maybe someone else may have some other ideas :bow: The two FREE progs I use at the moment are ifoedit & vobedit :slight_smile: they do everything I want but take time to merge/join many clips correctly!!! :clap:
I would love a SIMPLE to use prog to do this that doesnt cost an arm & a leg but havent found one as yet :bow:

Super DVD Creator 9.25 is a very good prog to convert, merge, and burn avi files without losing quality. I have tried many progs to accomplish this, and by far this is the best prog that I have found.

i am completely happy what CxD does for me, but out of curiosity what is this program that costs 200 times more?

i only convert avi’s though so virtualdub is good enough for me to join videos.

Check here:
Ok, it is hardware based but it does the job.