How Can I Make Files Read Only?

I have copied naughty DVDs onto cd, and my friend wants to borrow them. Hiowever, he will probably try to copy them - how can I stop this?

Don’t let him borrow them. lol @ u, if u r gonna let him borrow them wtf is the big deal if he copys them?

There are several ways to make your cds copy protected, but those copy protections only work for people who know little about cd copying.

If you have found the perfect copy protection you should sell it and make a fortune (and probably get banned from this board forever :smiley: )

You could try our search, there are a few topics on this subject from the past.

The same question was asked also in this topic: (didn’t check who was first)

Copy protection do not work… not for long.

Uhm, look for “Freelock” . Cant tell you where to find it, but look into a search engine and Itll come up.

You see, this protection can be bypassed if you just copy the individual files to the CD, not in RAW. But for VideoCDs, you cannot just copy individual files and you need a “Exact Copy” or else it wont write certain CD+G data or something. Freelock even prevents him from copying it with CLoneCD and stuff. There may be a way to copy it with CloneCD, but I couldn’t (Stops at %99)!

I may not be very accurate with this info, but it’s worth trying!