How can I make files appear on a CD to have an incorrect size?

Can anyone help me with something I’ve been trying for quite a while now.

How can I make files appear on a CD to have an incorrect size -

eg. make a 200kb file appear to be 200mb?

Can I do this by manually editing an ISO or BIN file of the CD i am trying to create, or could I do this by some other method?

I don’t care if the files can be read correctly of the CD afterwards - I merely need to make them appear to be a different size than they are.

Any help most welcome,


yep, its usually done to prevent an avg user from making a copy, its good to make a filesize resemble 2gb in such a situation.

Try their app, works great for me. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll give it a shot. Is it possible to make multiple files on the CD incorrect sizes or just the one, and is it any more secure to make multiple files incorrect sizes?

Thanks for the link,


Doesn’t matter, one is plenty, like I said this will overcome the average Jo from copying it, but not a true cd freak, nor any clonecd user.

Ok great.
Seems a nice piece of software for freeware.