How can I make dvdshrink and my p4 work harder?

So, I’m deep analyzing a dvd right now and I can’t seem to get dvd shrink to put a heavy load on the processor. I want the processor to run at least 90% of its full capacity. Right now, the processor is hovering around 25%, and I’m doing about 3000 kb/s and 125 fps. My dvd drive is a nec 2500a. I doubt that the dvd drive is running at anywhere near full capacity if it’s only processing 3mb/s of data.

Any suggestions?

First, make sure you dont have the run backup in low priority mode setting on. You will find that in the Backup options when you hit the backup button. I’ve got a 2.4 P4 with 1 GB ram. I process 7000 KB/s with my CPU maxed out at 100%. One thing I do is rip with DVD decrypter first.