How can i make, auto load menu's

Example, soon as i put a cd in the cd rom, windows recognizes that there is a cd in there, it opens a window listing all the files i can install, …(another example) You know when you buy an interatice music cd and soon as you whack it in the cd rom, it autoloads and up comes that box “play film clip, play music” … etc

Is there a way i can do that? but not with music, with software, and i click the software i want to install, and do so!

…hope i didnt hurt anyones brain to much with my weird lingo. hehe:confused:

Yes, you can. Try a Google search:

“autorun.inf autorun tutorial”

thanks mate, i’ll have a look, any other suggestions would still be helpful!

ahh, I had the exact same question about a year ago. There are programs out there that make GREAT auto start menus but they want anywhere from 20-200 dollars for them! Here is what I do:

I use Microsoft frontpage or even Microsoft Word (I’m sure you can find other webpage makers) to make a web page with “Install” “Readme” “browse” “exit” options on the page. Then I add the webpage AND an AUTORUN.INF file onto my data CD. In the INF file you just add this line:


When someone pops in the CD it opens up the webpage using Internet Explorer and bada bing bada boom, they can select whatever they want to do! (The only thing is, you have to know a little about making webpages.) I knew nothing and it took me 5 min to learn. All you gotta know is hyperlinks.

There are other way, but I think this is the most efficient. Especially since I don’t have to d/l anything.

Another good program is Autoplay Menu studio pro 3.0 makes nice autorun menu’s and is really easy to use.

i definitely agree with noxcyber: autoplay menu studio is way cool, and i use it as often as i need to make a menu for my cd. with that app, you can do almost everything.

once i thought also about using flsh, but since i’ve never learned how to use it, i’ve never tried to make the autoplay menu with it.

Well in my opinion, Custom CD Menu is a great program, not that visually stunning, but a great little qucik and easy program.

Yea people, but how much do these programs cost? or what restrictions do they have on the free/shareware versions.

Autoplay Menu Studios Pro runs about 295$ US, and has a 30 trial period.

Auto play is an excellent prog but expensive, don’t even think of buying it at the mo as V4 is about to launch so I’ve been informed. I use Autoplay Menu myself and think it’s by far the most comprehensive menu builder made.

However if all you really want is for a custom CD to open listing the progs/files on that disc then Autoplay is a very expensive way of doing it. The easiest way if all you want is for a window to open and display it’s content via autorun is to make an autorun “.inf” file with the following and just add it to your disc:-

Open=explorer .\

As easy as that. :wink:


I have made a free (open source :cool: delphi) menu authoring system:

Fully skinable,
built-in rar, zip, and ace extraction,
music playing,
editor with context sensitive help
many advanced options like encryption, resource file, password protected archives
Screen shots in: jpg, gif, and/or bmp.

Check it out: