How can i make a ps2 bootdisc with a large toc?

maybe somebody know how to make a ps2 bootdisc with a large TOC i can´t play my backup dvdrips that are higher than 632 MB with my swap magic 3.0 discs i have read on a other site that the TOC from the swap magic have a limited.

I am having the same problem. I know u can use breaker pro but they cost money! I,ve got a lite version of dvd region x (need no dongle). I tried to add a dummy file to fill the disc up (never worked). I,ve read lots of posts in other forums but no luck. I,ve read the posts about selfbooting back ups (way over my head) but if anyone can make a toc refresh disc (maybe using cd loader?) these people can.

ps.this is my first post so hello and thank you to all at Club CD Freaks