How can i make a picture slideshow on a dvd an than watch it on tv with a dvd-player?

Witch program is good and free to do this, because i just many things for example nero vision express 3 etc. but this failed everytime i tryed. I just ,want to watch holiday pictures on my tv with a normal dvd player. Can anyone help me with this?? Thnx.

It’s not free, but ProShow Gold is the best there is. Probably not worth it though if you only need to make one disc.

Why not try this

I have used hp Memories Disc Creator 2.0

Thnx i have memorie disc creator hp 1 but its only with burning a cd , i want to burn it on a dvd and photo story 3 i can not download because of a not real valid xp of my pc haha. Must try something else.

What about Nero comes free with many DVD burners?

With the slideshow making program more and more improving, we always can find a good tool very suitable for us. I choose the Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder, which is comprehensive multimedia software to create the professional-looking slideshow from your still photos videos. With powerful and flexible features, the version makes it easy to create your personalized slideshow, along with emotive background music, playful clipart, and attractive transition effects for TV, iPod, 3GP, iPhone or cell phone conveniently! Just like a pro.

dvdSanta will do it, but it’s not free either.