How can i make a "normal" copy




I want to copy an already copied DVD.
That means i want to copy a 4,7GB DVD to a 4,7GB DVD. So i thought i can simply make an “on-the-fly” Copy like Nero does.

But when i selected “copy the whole disc” Nero would start the whole transcoding-progress (which takes hours on my PC). But why should CloneDVD compress a 4,7GB dvd ??

i dont get it… maybe it was my mistake :slight_smile:


You can use dvddecrypter

Rip it in ISO-read mode, then burn it back with ISO-write mode.


Clone DVD disables transcoder if there is no need to compress the dvd


thats what i also thought, but obviously its not right.


It is. But you can use the “3rd button” as well.