How can i make a 30 second dummy audio file?

Hi, i am compiling a mixure of mp3 tracks that i want to burn on a cd.

Howevery i want to split it into two sections and i wanted to make a 30 second dummy track of silenenced audio.

I tried to use Windows Sound Recorder to make a wav file but when i used mp3workshop to convert it to mp3 it came out as a 2 second silent audio file.

I will be using CDRWin 4 to burn the tracks.

How can i achieve this, the tools i have available to me are;

Cool Edit Pro 2000
EZCD Creator 5 Platinum

If there are any other tools out there to make silent audio tracks and then convert them to mp3 please let me know.

I really appreciate any input on this matter.

Thanx in advance.

I am sure you can do it with Cool edit pro. A wav file is a binary file with a wav header added…

Thanx 4 ur reply Upp3rd0G In Cool Edit will i be able to convert that empty wav to mp3 as when i used Windows Wav Recording Util it make a 30 second audio file but when i converted it the file became 2 seconds.

Why do you convert the wave file with silence to MP3?
Just insert that .WAV between the MP3 files.

Also, if you know how to make cue-sheets you can insert an index-0 silence easily.

Thats true minix i will do that.

You dont need to make a cuesheet for burning mp3’s in Cdrwin i usually select Load Tracks and leave the default gap to 0.

Thanx for the info.

Unless you want the silence to be a numbered track in itself, just change the default gap to 30 for the next track.

I appreciate the advise pio but that complicates it as then i would have to make a cuesheet.

I have used Cool Edit to make a 40 second silent audio file and used mp3workshop which converted it into a 20 second audio silent file which is fine.

Thanx 4 the input guys.

How strange your resulting .mp3 file has a shorter playing time as the orginal .wav file… :confused:

Yes i agree it is strange that the mp3 is shorter but mp3workshop always seems to to that for some reason i dont know why.

However the 20 second silent audio is still fine and i am happy with that.

Thanx 4 the info guys.