How can I know Where the DVD's were made?

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i have 4 DVD+R by Verbatim for burning at X8, but i don’t have the cakebox of the discs.

there is any way to know in which country this DVD’s were made? (i guess its Taiwan or India, but i don’t have any idea to know where…)

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this is the information about the DVD’s from Nero CD-Speed :slight_smile:

Look at the codes around the hub of the disc. Prodisc is different to CMC is different to MBI :slight_smile:

Post them here and we can check them for you. Maybe someone will be kind enough to list the 3 different serial formats too :flower: as I can’t remember off the top of my head. :slight_smile:

You can tell from the serial numbers if you know what to look for.

Verbatim MCC 003 Made in India would probably have black printed serial numbers with a “+R” somewhere in the serial:

2311 424 +R E A 25152

Verbatim MCC 003 Made in Taiwan by CMC or Prodisc would have serial numbers as described here.

Made in Taiwan by CMC serial numbers look like this:

Made in Taiwan by Prodisc look like this:

There’s also a guide on how to interpret CMC serial numbers.

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So which country were them made in and by whom?

its looks like its a CMC according to the serial

(its have no black serial number so i guess its not an India made)

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Moser Baer India serials don’t have to be black. They can be simply pressed as well. If you see a black serial number it’s almost certainly MBI but if you don’t it doesn’t mean that it’s not MBI. :slight_smile:

CMC? Great :slight_smile:
I still have some CMC MCC 003 (80 pieces = 25 cakebox + 25 cakebox + 10 cakebox + 10 cakebox + 10 jewel cases/printable) left. They are simply delicious.
But I also have four Singapore MCC 003 (4 jewel cases/printable) left.

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Note for future reference: Moser Baer India seems to be using stamped serial numbers on some batches of media like most other manufacturers, and on other batches they are using black printed serial numbers. At least that’s the case with my latest batches of Verbatim 16x DVD+R Made in India.

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