How can i know my firmware?



Hi, i own actually a LG GCE 8480b CD Burner since a couple of years, i just read recently about firmware and how to change them but how can i know what firmware has my installed drive? and what would improve if i change to the newest firmware? sorry about my lack of knowledge about pc, Thank you!


You can get new firmware here:

Get Info Tool here and it will give you the current version:

Generally, newer firmware improves performance and adds new media.


Thanks Chas0039!, just another question, the infotool says i have firmware version 1.10 and in the lg website it says the latest firmware for that model is 1.06, is it possible that my drive came with a newer firmware version never published by lg? or should i install the latest firmware from lg anyway (1.06)anyway? Thank you!


That does not sound right at all. I would post another thread with the drive type and firmware in the title and then explain the problem in the text. Possibly someone can give you better info. My first guess would be your drive is a different model.