How can I know if my Verbatim dvd media is fake?

I bought new media DVD-R discs (25 pack) of Verbatim.

How can I know if the discs I bought are real or fake ?

Thank you.

The mirror band near the hub will have a ZD…-DVR-… code if it is real.

I didnt understand you ,

I dont know how to check if the media is fake,

how can I do it ?

should I use an program for that ?

Please help and explain

Thank you

Look for a code around the centre of the disc (you might have to look hard, it’s pretty hard to see). Usually it’s in the dye before you get to the clear plastic part in the centre.

That’s what kg_evilboy means.


kg_evilboy told me to search for ZD…-DVR-… code on the centre clear side on the media.

I was looking for this and found this code:
5363 509 -R E B 18601

and here are the print screens of nero cd-dvd speed:

and here is a printscren of DVD Identifier:

my media is a fake or real ?

You didn’t quite look in the right place, this is not the stampercode (which is what kg_evilboy was referring to) but the serial number. :slight_smile: - in this case it’s enough to determine that your media is genuine (this disc is a Made in India Verbatim disc), but checking the stampercode is a better method in general.

The stampercode can be read on the data side (bottom of the disc), just near the stacking ring, and is difficult to find: you need to find the right viewing angle.
The stampercode for Mitsubishi/Verbatim is like kg_evilboy mentioned: ZD…-DVR-…

No report from any software can tell you if the media is genuine. :disagree:

thank you m8

i found it now :slight_smile:

and yes, I can see now the code :

k , my media is not a fake :slight_smile:

Thank you all .

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Please teach us how to distinguish between MII and MIT VERBATIM.

Stuff like 5363 509 -R E B 18601: MII by MBI.
Stuff like PAP…/MAP…/MAH…/PWD…: MIT by CMC.
Stuff having - or + in the middle: MIT by Prodisc.

As well as kg_evilboy’s advice above, it should say on the packaging: “Made in India” or “Made in Taiwan”.

Oh, and by the way, there’s MIS Verbatim with an entirely different numbering scheme which I forgot ^^"

Mis ??

Made in Singapore :wink:

thx :slight_smile:

The MIS Verbatim discs have serials starting with a “V” like VI4417KA144652.


Which ones are the preferred Verbatims?

CMC MIT Verbatims :slight_smile:

Or MIS, if you can get some…
Prodisc and MBI often switch places as the least favorites, unlike in the 8x days when it was like Prodisc - CMC - MBI.