How can i know if a media is a ( RICOHjpnr01 ) ? i mean before i buy?

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If you visit a shop/supermarket you can identify a wraped spindle by looking at marking around center hole.
The code is in black and should start witk a “K” followed by 26 (I think) figures (letters and numbers mixed).
This goes for; Sony 4X, Traxdata 4X, Memorex 4X, to my knowledge untill today.

To all; please post other manufacturer if the coding is the same. :wink:

I´m working on a “howto identify”.


I’ve observed:

  • Memorex 25pak x4 +R spindles, gray-bottoms, are Ricoh R01 - (as of last of 8, Staples sale, 04/14/04)

  • Memorex 100pak x4 +R “Printable,” are also Ricoh R01 - (as of last of 4, ordered 04/25/04)

  • Confirm “K” is first letter on hub number string, both gray-bottomed 25pak and 100pak “Printable” Memorex spindles.

Amazon - $89.99 - MEM 100pak +R x4 Printable - free supersaver shipping - May 12, 2004

Unfortunately, Memorex can turn out to be either Ricoh or CMC. :sad: There have been reports of the Amazon Memorex being Ricoh, but that could change at any moment. RiData is another source of Ricohs, but it looks like that Ritek is slowing phasing in RITEKR02 media for its RiData products, as I hear more reports of people expecting Ricohs in RiData packs and getting Riteks instead. Riteks use a different dye than Ricohs and don’t seem to burn as well…

Your best bet for RICOHJPNR01 media looks like this:

These Fuji Ricohs are a fairly good price, and I would highly recommend them. (much cheaper than regular brick & mortar store prices and pretty much on par with brick & mortar special deal prices)

Here is a nice list :smiley:

DVD+R 4x

datasafe 4x dvd+R (RICOHJPNR01)
Arita DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Datasafe Media DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Imation DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Imation DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG.F01) (can be speedhacked to burn @ 8x)
Maxell DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Memorex DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Memorex DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG.F01) (can be speedhacked to burn @ 8x)
Philips DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Platinum DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Ricoh DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Ritek DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Teac DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG.F01) (can be speedhacked to burn @ 8x)
Tevion DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01) (could also be RITEK02 media code)
Traxdata DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Verbatim DataLife DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01) (NOT DatalifePlus)

DVD+RW 4x (rewritable)

Imation DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPNW11)
Memorex DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPNW11)
Philips DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPNW11)

DVD-R 4x

Fujifilm DVD-R 4x (TYG01…)
Maxell DVD-R 4x (TYG01…)
TDK DVD-R 4x (TTG01…)
Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R 4x (TYG01…)

shakes head

The list neglects to mention that if you buy Arita or Ritek/RiData 4x +Rs, you’re risking getting a batch of RITEKR02. It also neglects to mention that getting Verbatim entails the risk of getting CMC media. Many of labels listed here use more than one disc type, so you can’t really be sure… especially since many brands are constantly changing suppliers, so what may be a for-sure media code might be different a few months down the line.

The Fuji 100-pack mentioned above is still probably the best no-risk low-cost bet for RICOHJPNR01, IMHO.


In holland Arita 4x media is ALWAYS RICOHJPNR01 media.

Verbatim datalife is ALWAYS RICOHJPNR01 media (datalifeplus = cmc)

But things change, unfortunately. Here, RiData +R used to be always Ricoh. Now the Ritek batches are creeping in. And Verbatim’s known to change manufacturers a lot, and I’m not sure if VDL in the US will always be Ricoh. Also, it seems like that companies are starting to move away from Ritek/Ricoh, so things are bound to change. The industry’s just too volatile. :sad:

i hear you m8

In Taiwan,
You can check code on center hole in top.
The code is white and should start witk a “D” followed by 10 (I think) figures (letters and numbers mixed) and end with “R” is mean that RICOH dye.

Yeh, in your opinion. :confused:
As code65536 already stated in his post, we can´t determine the dye [and ID] in the simple way you put it.

Spidy1000, a majority of your listed DVD+R´s are also produced with other dyes.
The topic starter was asking specific for RICOHJPNR01 and how to identify.

Most of your listed DVD+R media can also be speedhacked by “code´s” tool to burn at 6 or 8X speed. And they will burn nice… :smiley: if you got the true one.

@ smyang, would be nice if you could make a scan/foto of the ID string.
pls send e-mail together with DVDIdentifier media code. :cool:

IMO, the only way to determin media is by ID bar/string as described above.
So pls all that have a scanner take “photo” and mail me.

A certain sign > there should be printed Made in Japan there.

Some brands by Ricoh Company Limited

Yep, that´s right. :wink:
But, nowdays you will find a lot of RICOHJPNR01 made in Taiwan.
And they burn perfect at 6 or 8X speed :smiley:

Nice link to know who made what…in German…but I think there’s no problem to understand:

This is the list of media RicohJpn01 know by this site:

Did you check the above link of mine ?

Well, it has always ( not just nowadays ) depended on how and where you seek.

thanks for the help :slight_smile:

i have a theory that maybe some of you guys can confirm. i believe that memorex dvd+r spindles that have “Approximation of Video Recording Time” on the label are Ricohs, while the ones that have “Video Mode/Mode video” are CMCs. i’ve only bought ricohs myself after buying the ones that have “Approximation of Video Recording Time” and have never tried buying the other ones, but i have several friends who ended up with CMCs after buying the “Video Mode/Mode video” ones.

Yes, but I don’t understand :confused: .
Your link to identification code is for CD-R (I don’t know is valid for DVD too). Another thing is that the site have the EAN-/UPC-Code that is write on the case/box of spindel pack/Jewel Box/Amaray Box. So, tell me if I’ve made a mystake or explain me where I must see in your link :rolleyes: .

I think you misunderstood me, pls take another look here > Ricoh Company Limited