How can I improve quality

I have an mpeg file of which AVIcodec give these details “39 MB, 1150 Kbps, 29.970 fps, 352*240 (4:3), MPG1 = MPEG 1 (VCD), Supported”. My question is how can I improve the picture quality. I don’t fully understand formats so any help would be appreciated, this will finally be displayed on a widescreen TV. The audio is fine.

You can’t is the simple answer the rule of RIRO (Rubbish In Rubbish Out) applies.

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As far as I know once a video has been recorded in a low quality format there is no way “up” the quality. You can downgrade the quality by compressing it to a lower quality format, but not go back. :frowning:

You might be able to tweak the file a little if you use VirtualDub or VirtualDub Mod if it’s a mpg. It comes with some filters to improve brightness,color correction and so forth. Start here for more info. There is a learning curve and don’t expect miracles.

OK Thanks guys, meanwhile I’ll look at VirtualdubMod.

A link to Virtualdub Mod