How can I improve my ripping?



I guess it’d be best to explain what I do and you can tell me if I have something I could do better. I currently use dBPowerAmp for ripping to my HD. I use WMA 9.1 VBR 98 44kHz (registers as 466 kbps, 29% compression). I’ve played around with lossless (ogg, ape) but I miss some of the functionality of WMP and my primary burn software(EZ CD Creator 6) won’t recognize them. I’m probably pretty far behind on updates to Roxio, but I’ve had issues with their updates slagging CDs so I just installed the first couple of patches to allow for higher speed DVD burns. Space isn’t that much of a concerrn for now, I have a 200GB data drive that’s currently 2/3 full with some items that I wouldn’t mind deleting or backing up. All of my DVR and DVD burns are on my primary drive (people say dual raptors in a RAID0 is a waste, but with 17 minutes DVD copies I’m really impressed with its speed), so I really don’t need to keep extra space for those sorts of things. I store files mainly for playing back through my stereo and burning mixes. I find running through the external decoder with the programmed sound fields gives me the best playback. I guess I’m so self taught that I really haven’t asked anyone what the best way to do it is, I was hoping someone with more experience might provide some guidance. TIA.

On a secondary note, if you don’t want to mail order media what would be a good manufacturer from B&Ms like Best Buy, Circuit City, Wally World, etc?


Well, first thing first; you should be using a “secure” ripper instead of dbPowerAmp.
Exact Audio Copy and CDex are “secure” rippers.

Second, don’t use WMA lossy at 466kbps. That’s just plain silly when you can be making ~224kbps lossy encodes that sound just as good, with Musepack… or ~650kbps lossless files with FLAC.
High bitrates like 466kbps in a lossy encoder are really meant for multi-channel recordings, not stereo. For stereo… 466kbps is overkill.


Hey, thanks for the reply! I did a quick Google Search and I think I understand what you’re saying about secure vs non-secure, but I was curious about how you play and burn lossless formats. Most of my collection is 320 kbps mp3, some 320 WMA, lately I’ve been messing around with the higher bitrates. Thanks again for your help, I’ll try out the programs you suggested.