How can i improve my ide1008?

my brother own an ide 1008 4x drive and it gives him problems when he tries to play the disks in the dvd player. Can anyone tell me what is the latest f/w and where find it? thank you.

Please describe in more detail the problems you are having with the drive. I assume you are refering to disks burned in the drive that won’t play in a stand alone player.

check here for your drive, I don’t know too much regarding BTC drives. Does your current firmware start with a 0 or a B? You might want to try the dangerous brothers firmwares.

First of all, the media plays in home dvd (several models of home dvd) sometimes yes or sometimes not, though sometimes plays but with lower quality. Sometimes when you play a movie the end of the disc (latest 30min.) is impossible to read by the home dvd, only reads it the burner in my pc


which media are you using? Your explaination indicates a media problem. Can you make a Nero CD/DVD Speed scan (Disc Quality)?

Also, which firmware is installed on your drive? You can find the latest version in one of the sticky threads in this subforum (BTC/Emprex firmware colletion …).


As H3rB3i stated above, it sounds like a burn quality issue which can usually be resolved by using higher quality media. Most burners love Taiyo Yuden, and I personally love their “value line” which is supposed to be of lower quality but burns exactly the same for me as their “premium” stuff.

If you are located in the US, the best place to get the value TYs is supermediastore or shop4tech. Supermediastore currently has the best price @ $30 for 100 shipped and $54 for 200 shipped. Ignore the 4x. I have ordered these with my friends about ten times and only once got 4x discs, once got 16x disks and the other 8 or so times got 8x (which are the best).

Just look at the cdfreaks review of the 1108 which from memory is practically the same drive

Your bets bet to tell your brother is to dump that paper weight and get a good drive, LG, NEC, Samsung, LiteON etc. If he cant he could try bitsetting, +R media to DVD-ROM it may help but that review shows how bad the PI/PIF are on dvds. The drives good for CDR reading and writing but not for writing DVDS.

Same issue with me. Sometimes it’s a great burn and other times I can’t watch the end of the movie in a home DVD player. The PC drive itself will read it just fine though.