How can I get rid of / replace DVD screensaver?



Alright, tech superstars, I need your help.
How can I get rid of / replace the screensaver on a DVD player?
You know, the logo that pops up when the DVD player isn’t getting any signal?

I’m working on an exhibition in Beijing that includes five synchronized DVD players (and projectors). What happens is that when the synch unit loops the DVD players (every 38 minutes) we get a flash of the DVD screensaver from all five of the machines. So basically, a beautiful installation becomes a giant ad for the company who manufactured the DVD players. Not ok.

I have heard that there’s a way to solve this problem, probably through going into the DVD players and somehow eliminating that screensaver. In that case, we might end of with a split-second of black, or must more preferably, WHITE.

The DVDs have been authored to loop, so we are hoping for is continously synchronized, looping video projections with no screensaver.

Any thought you may have would be appreciated!!!



The "Logo" screen on my Philips DVR is enabled/disabled by using the Remote and entering the Customized Setup options.

Your machines may be setup in Default with Logo on.

What brand and model of DVD players are you using ?

Hope this helps