How can I get my Video to come out brighter using Nero?



Hi, I have Windows XP and I have a video that plays “Beautiful” in Windows Media Player as it is in avi format. I

converted it to a vcd format using WinAVI converter and then burnt it to a CD. I go to play the CD on my DVD

Stand Alone Player which is connected to my tv and the CD plays kinda dark, nothing like the beautiful picture I got on WMP? But on the computer using

Windows Media Player its perfect. What am I doing wrong. I use Nero Burning Rom 6 (version and K-Lite Full codec. I also installed a xvid codec?

The conversion comes out great. But its when I go to burn to CD that it comes out a little dark. On the Windows Media Player there is no darkness to the video? I think I might need a different kind of codec instead of K-Lite Codec (Full).

Any and all help is deeply appreciated. Many thanks.



this is not a codec issue. If the video is too dark on your TV set, then adjust the brightness accordingly.
You may also check, if there are some options with the Nero video stuff, that allows you to do such adjustments. But note, that the video will be too bright on your computer then.

You may also check, as there are several tutorials available for download.