How can I get more data onto a CD than it holds

Hi my first post here so be gentle. I want to burn 1,140mb onto a disk. It is one movie. Can I split it or compress it? I thank you for any help. :slight_smile:

You can split or compress it. Whichever you prefer. If your original file is of high quality, it shouldn’t hurt anything to compress(encode) it. If it is lesser quality, you will want to split it. Go to . There is information about programs and tutorials and guides to show you exactly what to do.

Thanks very much I will do as you suggest

If you have a burner like a Plextor 716a (I just mention it as an example), you can test a CD under the Plextools Pro GigaRec function to see how much the test says you can overburn it by, then you can overburn (burn more data onto it) the CD that way, also. However, be aware that you must test each CD brand media you have before you overburn, so you’ll know exactly how much you can overburn, as all media and dyes are a little different in quality, so with some brands you may be able to overburn more than on others. For example, I would never recommend overburning on any Imation CD-R media, as they ones I tried it with became unreadable (they were CMC made) because they really could not handle any overburning (well, they really didn’t handle even standard burning well, where you came close to filling the CD; they only held up when significantly under the max capacity (e.g., 528 mb of 700 mb; anything in the 620+ range also failed eventually). So be aware that overburning may be possible with some brands/dyes and not others.