How can I get CloneDVD/AnyDVD to backup in 20mins !?



hi everybody, i know this is a stupid question, but i’m gonna ask it anyway.

i’ve just bought a Benq 1620pro and obviously i want to copy a bunch of dvds, i first tried with DVDshrink but it took about 1.5 hrs to get the job done, my friend’s pc is rippin in less than 30 mins, so i’ve changed to CloneDVD/AnyDVD but it takes 53 mins, i’ve found some posts sayin that an ISO of a full dvd can be made in about 20 mins, how is this possible !?

can anyone help me!?


It’s a possibility your burner is set to PIO mode, thus the slow burns.
You must have it set to DMA if it is to work properly.

Read how ro check and set to DMA mode.


Yes it is Possible, but more then a good burner is needed to get the job done in that time or less. I have completed some read and burn’s anywhere from 19-21minutes. I have a fast reader, 12X burner and my processor is a 2.4Ghz(OC @ 3.0Ghz).

BTW… It was not a ISO…


Hi :slight_smile:
Using AnyDVD & CloneDVD2, my average time taken to rip/compress/write is around 15/16 min.


I’ve checked the DMA settings and it seems to be ok, system properties said DMA ultra in mode 5, so it isn’t the reason i supose, any other ideas, my PC specs are:

P4 2.66 “Presscot” (if that means something)
512 DDR3200
Benq DW1620Pro (the box says reads 16x)

i dont know what info do you need

tnks in advance


Your problem could be riplock. It has been so long since I used a BenQ with the riplock intact that I cannot remember the normal speed.

Look here for firmware fix. Use MCSE.

Also, take some time on the next process and let us know how long each step takes. We are just guessing if we don’t know where your bottleneck is.

And welcome to the forum.


Same here . . .


I do not believe the Benq 1620 drives have any “riplock” programmed into their firmware.


Look at the DMA settings on your secondary IDE channel. I think you were looking at the primary if it said mode 5.


Can you break down the times for us?

  1. What is the read and compress time?
  2. What is the Burn time?

This info will help narrow down your problem.

BTW, also tell us the size of the movie and what compression % is taking place.


For sure you checked the wrong channel if it indicated Ultra DMA Mode 5, that’s a hard drive not a burner. You should be seeing DVD’s at Ultra DMA Mode 2.

You should know how your DVD burner was configured, it should be the master or device 0 on Secondary Ide Channel. Look at all 4 Ide settings and make sure none of them indicate PIO mode.

This is a very simple and fast troubleshooting test you should perform before looking at other things.


Hi :slight_smile:
Whilst it is said there’s no riplock. It’s certianly true that through the use of MCSE the rip speed is increased.
Without MCSE readspeed X12
With MCSE readspeed X16
These speeds are only reached briefly. The length of time dependent on the length of the disc.


Sorry my mistake, my DMA settings are Ultra in mode 5 and 2, none’s PIO

my compressing time were 46mins in 71% in the first screen and 76% in the second one. I didnt burn.

does anybody knows if the MCSE works with the B7w9 firmware? Or if can go back to the B7V9 and twik it?


As per chas0039’s link he posted, it does not appear that MCSE will supprt the B7W9 firmware, only the B7V9.

Using patched firmware might damage your drive and will void your warranty.
:cop: The use of MediaCodeSpeedEdit is at your own risk.

Supported firmwares:
BENQ 1610 B8M9,B8T9,B8V9
BENQ 1620 B7P9,B7T9,B7U9,B7V9,47L9,G7P9,G7T9,G7V9
HP 630c AH26/CH16
HP 640c ES04/JS04
HP 640v JOU4
PHILIPS DVDR1640P P3.2, P3.4-P3.6, B3.2, B3.4, B3.5, T3.4


Sounds like your burner is ok. You have here 46mins to do a 23% compress with another 7min burn time which brings it to your 53mins total time.

The problem or issue here is your processor not your burner. What Processor do you have?

Also, how much memory do you have?


I have pretty much the same problem as you.

I have
Benq 1640
P4 1.7G
768 PC133 SDRAM

Shrinking and cloning take awhile. But if i use dvd decrypter its super fast.


Its possible you might help medulla if you explain how fast “super fast” really is! !

Could you kinda break that down abit? maybe in minute’s or possible seconds?


my procesor is a P4 prescott 2.66 with 512 pc3200