How can i get a ps2 game soundtrack extracted into my pc and than burned on a cd-r?

ive tried mf audio v1.1 i think its the latest one after 1.0, anyways, ive heard that ea games are a no-no in this subject supposively those file formats cant open up and play properly, if anyone knows how to do this please post your response, as we all know ea sports always has a nice soundtrack to each of their sports titles, example= fight night 04’s soundtrack is tight and so is the nba live04. please guide me into these programs and if you have a place where i can get a guide do that too, since ive searched this forum and there isnt alot posted on this subject peace!

You could try here. I have never tried this so I don’t know if this is what you require.

DVD (movie) audio to mp3

DVD Audio Rippers

thanks for the reply gentlemen, but this is the thing, the files that i want are in .asf file format, do you guys know of any player that extracts the files to my pc?

Try searching for a player with google if you already have the files.
Boskin might know of a player.

Boskin do you know of a player that can play-back .asf files and also if you know something that will transform .asf files into either .wav format or .mp3 format so like that i can burn them into cdr?
Try here jdilla

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do you know of a player that can play-back .asf files

something that will transform .asf files into either .wav format
A Player ? Windows Media Player, I guess.

Tutorial - Extract/rip audio from ASF to WAV

ASFTools Virtualdub 1.4c-ASF

Does anyone know of a program that can convert .vb files on PS2 games so as to extract the audio and music from them? The GTA: Vice City game has all of its audio in .vb format. I’d love to burn a CD-R with the full soundtrack instead of just the released box set available, which is still good but missing many songs.

I have a similar question.

I was playing Xenosaga: Episode I, and I decided that I liked two of the songs on it. I’d like to extract them myself, but i can’t:
a.) find a file that looks obviously like an audio track, to try to convert
b.) find a utility that will allow me to extract audio from such a file

There are a few more than two dozen files on the dvd-rom:

All of the files with the exception of :\SLUS_204.69 (~3MB), :\XENOSAGA.01 (~1GB), :\XENOSAGA.02 (~350MB), :\XENOSAGA.11 (~1GB), :\XENOSAGA.12 (~1GB), and :\XENOSAGA.01 (~650MB) are under 1MB, so can’t conceivably contain audio data. Whatever ripper/extractor/converter I download doesn’t recognize or process these larger files or file extensions.

How can I “get” the audio from the dvd-rom?

Just a thought, but I tried doing something like this a while back, but ended up getting a friend to take a line from his ps2 into the back of his soundcard and record the audio on the fly.

I was aware of that method, but I appreciate the thought. To me, that’s like dubbing a vhs tape when you could be ripping a dvd.

To clarify, though, I used cube media player to search files for media. Such is contained withing the :\XENOSAGA.## files, however:

a.) cube media player scans these files extremely slowly, at least on my comp, on the ordre of 1k/s, and I know my dvdrom is faster than that.

b.) fmvs, and fmv audio are extracted in adequate fidelity (M2V format); however, cutscene audio in ADPCM format sounds liek it’s gone through an extremely poor voice scrambler.

And I still can’t find the track I was looking for (not that i’ve spent hundreds of hours letting cube media player scan the entirity of three 1GB files at ~1k/s). Can anyone suggest a better method, or another program?

also, the track i wanted to extract and the fmv audio are overlain in the game (i can only hope they aren’t in the dvdrom track)


Check out this link:

I’m doin the same thing as you :slight_smile:

well, first of all, i’ve got winxp, so the program doesn’t run correctly, and i havn’t bothered to figure out how to get it and other completely unrelated programs that i would like to use to run correctly. But for the moment, let’s ignore that. As the link says, gta uses dedicated audio files. xenosaga and ffx2 don’t, xenosaga has a number of files ranging from 300Mb to 1GB that contain god only knows what, including the audio files and nearly everything else contained within the game. I have a feeling that the decoder link you sent me would either not recognize the file, or extract a long, junk-sound file.

On another note, i’d like to extract audio from ffx2. I’ve run into something i’ve seen before, when i screwed up (using sortware recklessly) a cdrw, though i don’t really know what this means:
in “my computer”, the disc contains between 3GB and 4GB of data. However, when i open it up in windows explorer, the only thing that appears on the disc is less than a dozen files, the total size of which is less than 10MB. and yes, i checked the obvious, tools–>folder options–>“view” tab–>hidden files and folders–>show all files. I can onl guess it’s a different “hidden” scheme. I can’t very well extract anything if i can’t find the files, can anyone offer a remedy?

Thank you a million times over Kaybing27!!! The decode.exe program rocks!! Oh man, I’ve been looking for something like this for quite awhile now. Finally, I can have a totally uncut version of the GTA: Vice City soundtrack with funny commercial and humorous DJ banter. Once again, thank you. You’ve made my day. :slight_smile:

Got a problem, Kaybing27. Kchat and VCPR.vb files do not decode properly even if I follow the directions on the website. They won’t play after conversion. If decoded normally, they are really high pitched and fast playing. Have any idea how to fix this situation? I want to add them to my burned CDs. As for all the radio stations, they converted perfectly. I now have two CDs full of uncut music and DJ humor in MP3 form. Why two discs? Because all the MP3 tracks wouldn’t fit on one CD. Bummer. So I put four stations on one disc, three on another. Of course, when BlueRay burners become the norm, this won’t be a problem.

BTW, you don’t happen to know of a program like decode.exe that will convert .vpp, .wad and .irx PS2 game files do you? I’d like to rip the music off some other games, but these formats I am not familiar with. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Problem- I can’t get decode.exe to work on Windows XP, does anyone know how to get round this? or does anyone know of any other program or download that decodes .VB files to MP3 or .Wav files?

I just bought…err…copied :slight_smile: tiger woods 2004 from EA Sports for PS2. I would like to somehow extract the soundtrack from this game, but do not know of a program that will deal with the .sab file that the audio is in on the disk. I have tried searching all over google and can’t seem to find a program that will work with these types of files.I also tried cube media player, and that says it is playing it, but all I get is a rhythmic static “song”. Please advise…Thanks!

Try here: