How can I get 300 minutes onto a normal DVDR in Nero Express 2?

A friend of mine burned me a set of 5 DVDs of an entire season of a TV show. Somehow, using Nero, she managed to get almost 5 hours of video onto a standard Memorex 4.7gb DVD+R disc. I’m using Nero Express 2 at the lowest quality setting and the most I can get onto the disc is nearly 3 hours. In order to burn the same number of shows, I need to use 8 discs, as opposed to the 5 my friend made me. The video files I’m using are .wmv, .mpg (and maybe .mpeg) and .avi.

Maybe there’s some other settings I need to change? Or maybe a different file format?

Any help you can offer would be much appreciated!

Sorry, NeroVision Express 2…

The best way to do it is to use DVDShrink to rip and shrink the 300 minutes file in to hard drive and then use Nero to burn it in to normal DVD5 disk.