How can i get 20 avi files onto a dvd?

hello i have got 20 avi files of the t.v. program Fringe 2.83 gb and i am using windows vista,i have tried to copy the files to dvd using Imtoo and Express burn,i have had msgs saying cannot fit on dvd and when i remove some files it takes it down to only 4 files to fit on the dvd,i tried burning 1 file on a dvd rw disk but when played on my dvd panasonic it does not play on my panasonic t.v.
can anyone suggest a program i can use that will fit all 20 files at 2.83 gb onto one dvd and be able to play through my dvd player and onto my t.v. ?
thank you.

It is possible to burn avi files straight to a dvd as plain data files. They would fit in that case. The problem with this method is the fact that you would have to own a dvd player that can play avi files. And not all avi files are equally compatible even in dvd players that can handle that format. Normally xvid or divx encoded avi files are the best bet for compatibility.

If you plan on converting to dvd-video format, there is no way possible to fit 20 tv episodes onto one blank single layer dvd. Not going to happen. Mpeg2 used in dvd-video is simply not as efficient for compression, and if you try to squeeze a lot of episodes onto one disk, the quality will suffer tremendously.

FAVC will allow you to put 8 episodes on one disk, but as I said, the quality will be terrible. FAVC is free to download and use. Please install Avisynth and Net 2.0 before trying to use FAVC. There are direct links to both at the FAVC site, and they are both free as well.

ok thank you.

The most commonly parameters used are as follows

File size - 350MB

Video - Xvid Codec, Avi Container - Frame Size - 624 X 352

Audio - MPEG-1 Layer 3 - 48000Hz 128 kb/s tot , Joint Stereo

Quality - Nice

With the average file size being 350MB you will only be able to fit about 12 episodes on a single layer dvd. As Kerry stated burn them as data.

You can use Imgburn


thank you platinumsword if i can get 10 on a dvd i would be happy as long as i can play them on my dvd,i will try Imgburn and let you know if it worked.

I believe just using windows to copy to the target drive (in mastered mode) will allow you to put all of the files to the disc. Even more if only using 2.83 gigs. As far as playing them, I use my Xbox 360 every time and would not be surprised if a dvd player that played divx would also work. That I’m not to sure but Xbox I know for sure. Thank you and remember, disc must be in mastered mode.

[QUOTE=geordiejohn;2288872]thank you platinumsword if i can get 10 on a dvd i would be happy as long as i can play them on my dvd,i will try Imgburn and let you know if it worked.[/QUOTE]

If your DVD player cannot play Divx, then putting those 10 episodes onto a DVD in AVI format wouldn’t work.
You’d need a program that can convert those AVIs into DVD format. If each episode is around 30 minutes, then your 10 episodes would be around 5 hours. 5 hours in DVD format would probably look pretty cruddy.

If you do need to change it to DVD format, using the program Kerry suggested (FAVC), or AVStoDVD which might be more user-friendly, these programs would give you the best chance of fitting the most amount of episodes onto the DVD while still looking half decent.

Mind you though, because they’d use true encoders like QuEnc or HCEnc, it will take a pretty long time to do the encoding… several hours.
They’re both free so try them out and see how many episodes you can fit into 4.35 GBs.

Correct, the dvd player must be able to support the play back of the avi container.