How can I fit my home movie on one DVD

Last summer I was invited to my mother-in-law’s retirement party. I brought my digital camcorder along and shot most of the event. After editing, the main movie is about 4.3 GB. I added music, titles and special effect and now I can’t make it fit on one single layer disc (4.7 GB). I don’t want to use two discs. How can I shrink the whole thing on one disc without loosing too much quality. Should I use a double layer disc? Can a double layer disc be played on any DVD player compatible with +R, -R ? I am new at this so I thank you for your patience.

Thank you folks for your help.

ok, DVD disks hold 4.35 GB of data not 4.7. The reason is that they calculate GB differently. Since your’s is 4.3 GB you need to shrink it a little. Do you have your project as VIDEO_TS folders? or what?

Hello kouglizia, welcome to the forum. Rather than going to a double layer disc, I would use a program such as DVD Shrink or DVD Rebuilder to make the video fit on a single layer disc, which is about 4.37 GB, I think.

Double layer disc are, for the most part, compatible with commercial DVD players if they are book-typed DVD-ROM, but you should “shrink” the video to fit on a single layer disc, if at all possible.

Thanks nooby god and Blackwolf for your help. I will give DVD shrink a try. I don’t know if this will make a diffrence but the project is in vts_01 folder.

Thanks again!

a vts_01? It might open in dvd shrink