How Can I Find The Speed a DVD Was Burned At



Hey everyone. I have been searching through this awesome forum but this is the one question that I have not been able to find the answer to.

I have some dvd’s that I would like to check what speed they were burned at. Is there a way or a program that can detect what speed that a burned dvd was burned at? I can’t seem to find out this information.

Thanks so much people.



unfortunately, there is no way to find out the speed a certain disc is burned at.
Only exception: The disc was burned with CD/DVD Speed. In that case an additional file containing the data of the write graph is put on the disc.



Yo mciahel-

My disc quality tests show the speed of the burn in the pie section graph - shown as an arcing horizontal line from startup speed to final speed - at least for the single layer discs-eh


this is one of the reasons i use imgburn. using imgburn and having dvdinfopro installed, a burn graph is saved for every burn.

all i would have to do is use dvdinfopro to check the burn date then find the corresponding burn graph.


Thanks for the help guys. What disc quality test are you referring to, Bigmike?


Yo ilikestuff-

Click on troy512 “[U]Nero CD-DVD Speed[/U]” like in his signature above your last post - he even has a link to the user guide - just a full service kinda guy-eh!!

(btw - the “[U]ImgBurn[/U]” program he has a link to is an - free - excellent program too)