How can I find out what my power supply is



I have a Sony PCVRS 510. I would like to know what the power supply is, (how many watts) but I cant seem to find it anywhere. If someone could help appreciate it.


the only way to find out is to open the case and look at the psu sticker , no software can give that info , anyway watts isnt everything the amper rating is what really counts there are alot of variations in that with various psus of same watts for example ocz powerstream 520w have much higher ampers in +12/+5 then this thermaltake 520w , also cheapo psus provide less then they claim


Is there a standard amper rating of Sony desktops. 2.8 MHZ Intel Chip with 120 gig hard drive. And what is the relationship to the amount of watts and amper rating to burning a good DVD with a new 16x BenQ 1640 burner.


Usualy the stock PSU is a POS, but it will usually support an extra drive OK. The only way to find out is to try it. You could open the side of the case (which you’ll have to do anyways to install the 1640), and post what it says on the sticker on the side of the PSU. I’d say if the +12v output is less than 20a you may have a problem. There probably is a standard PSU sony uses in the puters, but nobody here is gonna know. I’d imagine Sony wouldn’t be completely retarded and throw a garbage PSU in their puters. I dunno, see what it says on the side of it. Not a whole lot anybody can tell you unless they happen to own the same machine you do, or know about what sonys have for PSUs.


afaik it have no effect on the burning quality


The reason I ask is that I have currently RMAd two BenQ1640s. All my other drives work fine. Two Necs 3520 and 3540, LG 4163, Liteon 1673, Pioneer 106D. But the BenQ has serious ripping speed problems. The drive spins ip and down, starts at 2.4x and slows at 4x back down to 2.4x and continues until it almost comes to a stop. I have posted this is the BenQ thread and others also have this problem, I was wondering if it could be that the BenQ needs more amperes or power than other drive to operate efficently. This was a suggestion made by another Senior member.


You… don’t have all those drives IN the computer, do you?


No Gurm, only two. Right now I have the two Necs 3520 and 3540 because I Rmad the BenQ. I just checked and my PSU is a Delta Electronics 120V -6.0A
There are alot of other specs on the side, what one should I look for. The DC Output is 266.2 Max.


Look for something that has W after a number, that is the all important wattage.


Look here


I am afraid mine says 266.2 W Max next to DC Output. I think I must change my power supply.


Watts = Volts x Amps - The Wattage posted on some PSU’s are not always correct.


Do you think 266W is enough to run optical drives at full efficiency? I am sorry I bought a Sony Vaio desktop. Now I am going to have to invest in a good PSU. Do you have any suggestions and are they hard to install. It looks like thewre is just 4 screws on the back and the wires to the Motherboard?


Yap, that’s all. Not going to be difficult.


Thanks Zevia: Do you have one to recommend? Preferably one that NewEgg sells.


I still think its not your power supply thats the problem with your benq 1640 but looks like you are set on getting another anyway so hope you are right…


I was just scanning the NewEgg site for PSUs, the prices range from 30.00 to 150.00 for the same wattage. Is a Thermalake a good choice?


Please take a look at this one and let me know what you think.


Yes the TAGAN,S are very good power supplys


Well that about makes it offical. I am going to order one and I’ll post and let everyone know if this is the BenQ 1640 problem. Even if it isnt, having a good PSU can’t hurt.