How can I extract audio from a DVD?

I want to extract some audio from a DVD, but not really sure how to do it. I have tried to download the free trial of DVD Audio Extractor from, but the download finished early and the .exe file was apparently corrupt. What else can I use? I want to eventually save the audio file as a .wav

DVD Audio Extractor is the best program I’ve found. Keep trying the download and, because the site is slow and dodgy, use a download manager even though the file itself is small. Eventually you’ll get it and its worth the wait! I use it to rip music from dvd for burning to cd-rom (using media player) for playing in the car. With it you can save tracks as wav (and mp3 etc) files but the uncompressed wav files are huge so you will probably want to compress them afterwards.

The imtoo dvd audio ripper is an alternative I can recommend.