How can I erase a DVD+R Disk?

Hi all~:bow: I have a question:confused:, I have a DVD+R 1-16X speed that has some old out dated data on it, how can I clear it? The computer I was using was an HP Touchsmart and this is part of the recovery data, I’don’t want it anymore and need the DVD for something else. I took the touchsmart back to the store and got a computer that works:iagree:! I am also testing the beta version of Windows 9 :rolleyes:.thanks for your input.

A 16x dvd +R cannot be erased. There is a type of +R disk that can be erased, with the designation +RW, but their fastest speed is 8x and are more commonly found in 4x varieties.

A regular +R disk will have a bluish, or purple-blue color to the writing side of the disk. An RW disk will look grey or black. This is because a regular dvd uses an organic dye layer that can only be written to once, and RW disks use a phase change metal alloy which can be erased and written to again.

Now it is possible that your burning program didn’t finalize the dvd. In that case, it might be possible to use the space left on the dvd that wasn’t written to originally. If you burn to the unwritten space, it is called multisession, and you’ll probably lose access to the original material, and you’ll never get back the space that was used in the first burn. I do not recommend multisession burns on dvds.

You’ll be much better off getting some new dvds. Verbatim +R disks with AZO on the label would be a good choice. Don’t get the “Life Series” Verbatim disks.

Perhaps a nice thing to remember:

R = recordable (like those old vinyl records)
RW = rewritable

Tried sandpaper?


[I]…makes it pretty hard to burn the disk again however…only thing that will do that is a big fire!!! :stuck_out_tongue: [/I]

OK…sorry…just a bit of fun. I think the other memebers have claried the issue nicely for you. Welcome to the forum :cool:

Throw it into an old microwave and then bang :smiley:

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