How can I enable UDMA 4/6 in my PC?

I know very little about this feature, I have a H20N burner and I would like it to transfer at UDMA 4 or 6. How can I do this?

Thanks in advance, i would appreciate detailed instructions.

You can’t enable udma 4 or 6 on the H20N. The H20N is udma 2 drive only unlike the H22N/L which is Udma 4.

Is it safe and compatible to crossflash it with the h22n?

I don’t think it’s possible since these 2 models have different chipsets.

And the advantage to be gained running UDMA mode 4 is ?

i’d thougt that the H20N and H22N are the same Panasonic chipset, no ???

There is a slight difference in the model number of the Panasonic chipset :

H20N : Panasonic MN103SB4GSA
H22N : Panasonic MN103SD2GSA

I’m not sure if this makes a difference.

thx for the correction.